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Positive affirmations to read and repeat every time you look down at your phone. This serves as a constant source of positive thinking, to help you control your thoughts, live a more mindful life, and be PRESENT.

Includes a set of 5 affirmations (in both beige and green) for a total of 10 backgrounds. The recommendation is to switch it up every week to promote new thought patterns or stick with one for a few weeks until you really start to BELIEVE the words you’re repeating.

The layout is designed for an iPhone XS screen size, but you can easily zoom in or zoom out depending on the size of your phone. Files are delivered as hi-res PNGs.

Upon purchase of the Affirmation backgrounds, you will receive an email with a downloadable .zip folder including 10 Affirmations in PNG format. The link expires in 24 hours, so make sure to get the folder downloaded! Save the photos to your phone, and switch up your backgrounds as you please!