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The ICI ET NU e-Journal is digital tool that enables self-discovery by releasing, rebuilding and renewing oneself. It is organized in a way where you will:

1. Allow yourself to release deep, inner feelings, emotions and thoughts
2. Learn deeply about your inner self by building awareness of your actions, habits, routines, practices, thoughts, emotions, feelings and patterns
3. Define who you currently are and who you imagine yourself to be, ultimately allowing you to embody that ideal version


With over 100 pages, it is designed for a 30-day consecutive engagement and includes the following:

- 30 original journal prompts
- 30 daily templatized check-ins
- 30 novel daily affirmations
- 6 pages for free flow
- 3 'level review' prompts with dynamic responses
- Original mindfulness content written by Karin Hadadan
- Inspirational quotes and photography throughout
- Curated Spotify playlist to be paired with the journal 

Upon purchasing your e-Journal, a personalized download link will be emailed to you. It will be delivered as an Editable PDF, or can be printed out. The link will expire in 24 hours, so make sure to download it within that timeframe!

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